Thursday, May 23, 2013

Send a Message to the Vallejo City Council

We have passed the community gardens initiative in the recent participatory budgeting process that took place here in Vallejo just last week. But the city council can still go against the people and vote to put some projects ahead of others or reduce the funding dollars to certain projects. We can't let this happen!

Please read Irene's excellent editorial in the local Times-Harold that talks all about this (and give her a pat on the back when you see her.)

Please help by sending an email to the Vallejo City Council:

Here is a template. You may want to send it "as is," but the email will be more powerful if you add you own comments. Be sure to include "Participatory Budgeting" in the body or subject line.


I wanted to write to let you know how passionate I am about the City of Vallejo's need for better nutrition, health education, and local food growth. I think that community gardens are going to be a great way to make that happen and I am so excited to see that the people of Vallejo agree.

The new funds from the participatory budgeting process will greatly strengthen the fabric of the community, improve the health of our people, and beautify our neighborhoods. I hope you will stand strong with me in support of the community gardens funding initiative as we continue to work hard to help Vallejo thrive.


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